What the “BUT”

Provided by shreyosidey from Shreyosi’s blog Now that’s a word we use every now and then. I wanted to come to your party ‘but’……… ; I would have cracked the entrance exam ‘but’……; Its very important for me to wake up at 4:00 a.m. ‘but'…….; and many more. According to grammar, ‘but’ is a conjunction... Continue Reading →


Provided by Anitha KC “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”. Marcus Aurelius    Does thinking leads to thoughts or thoughts trigger our thinking? However, we do think! Thinking is essential for us to sustain ourselves. But it is enough to think based on our needs rather than becoming a... Continue Reading →

Time Is Money

Provided by Troy Headrick from Thinker Boy: Blog & Art *Troy Headrick is a thinker, writer, artist, educator, and adventurer who has lived in five countries.  He writes on a wide variety of subjects and has had work published in many print and online magazines, journals, newspapers, and blogs.  His autobiographical blog can be found... Continue Reading →

“Pointless” Overthinking

Provided by K.A.L.T from Kalt In Thought    I’m sure that many of us are guilty of overthinking.    We assess our every action and regret any action that brings about a not so favorable consequence. However, doing so is nothing more than pointless overthinking. Why is it pointless?    It is because no matter... Continue Reading →

What is Confirmation Bias?

Provided by Natalie from Big Happy Life Blog: https://bighappylife.blog/ Website: http://bighappylife.co.uk/ If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that cognitive biases shape our thinking in ways that make us feel surer of the decisions we’re making and the actions we’re taking. Last week I wrote about the Halo Effect, which is actually a type of confirmation bias – the... Continue Reading →

Does Burnout Subdue Empathy?

Provided by Scherezade Ozwulo   Originally posted on The Introverted Christian    Ever since I could remember, I always had an affinity for older people. I, myself had an “old soul” and found it easy to relate to those not in my peer group. Older folks (seniors) told the best stories of childhood reminiscence and... Continue Reading →

The Team Expands

   I’m happy to announce you that the Pointless Overthinking team expands with two new members. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the two posts Aspiring Author, the creator of Connecting Dots, already made for us. He is one of the new members I’m happy to welcome to this team!    The newest member is Allie, the... Continue Reading →

The Power of the Present – Guest Post

Provided by: Daniel Riley    Recently, I have been putting a lot of emphasis on acknowledging and living in the present moment. The power of the present is real.    The present moment is where everything that has ever happened, happened. Where everything is happening now. Where everything that ever will happen, will happen. The... Continue Reading →

Be The Guest We Need

   I want to thank all of you for being here and for sharing your valuable insights with this community and with myself. I’m more than honored and grateful for this chance of reading and responding to your comments daily. It’s one of the best parts each of my day has.    I believe you... Continue Reading →

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