A Mind Map towards understanding Yourself

Self-understanding it’s trickier than it might seem at first. If you don’t believe me, think about the thoughts that come through your mind. Do you know what triggers them? I’m often surprised by the sh*t that goes through my mind and that’s why I want to understand myself better. I need to know where those... Continue Reading →

Cleaning the house helps cleaning the mind?

Thanks to your comments to the Question of the Day – No. 404, I started to wonder why we tend to feel better while cleaning our surroundings if we have a bad mood. Is it cathartic? If so, why? Let’s consider the following scenario: you sit around your house feeling neutral (or even good) and... Continue Reading →

|| Gigantic Network of Philosophical Concepts ||

Philosophy is just like a tree, you start to understand this from whichever point, In the end you will fall to its roots. The more spicy fact is that If you start to explore it from a little concept or definition, the rest of definitions and concepts will come under that single concept.

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