Omitting Our Omnipresent Oxymoron

By Ellen Jayne | There is an oxymoron within us all that assumes position as we determine our goals. This is when the battle between self-belief and self-doubt comes alive.

Instincts and Basic Needs – Reblog

   Today was a very long day and I feel how my energy level is below the one a worm has. Because of this, my concentration diminished and my power of concentration also (if this is a worse blog post than usual, that’s the reason). Noticing this about my current condition, I remembered that our... Continue Reading →

Instincts and Basic Needs

   Have you noticed how our mood shifts when we’re hungry? That’s because one of our basic needs is not satisfied and this tries to take over our mind so we can focus on finding food. This is a primary instinct and it affects us more that we would want to, but most of the... Continue Reading →

Do we love chasing things?

   This topic is pretty much related with Are we living in the future? When I was playing with my cat, I’ve noticed that the biggest thrill was the chase, not the catch so I’ve wondered if this can be applied to us too. Maybe us living always in the future is part of this... Continue Reading →

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