Let Go of the Past

Why would you let go of the past? You have for sure nice memories, and lessons learned, which shape your personality. But letting go of the burden of the past would be important to your happiness. At least some of it. Many people live in the past; they remember their behaviours, the love stories that … More Let Go of the Past

Peace with Past

Hey there! It is Betul again, but this time I am not going to talk about languages. I am going to talk about another major interest of mine: human mind. Specifically, my mind. This is going to be about the beginning of my conscious self-discovery period, which is pretty much still going on now. By … More Peace with Past

Mistakes: why you should make more (or less) of them

11th December, 2018. 4:33 am. DM posted a video about making mistakes. The title alone totally TRIGGERED my memory about writing a post about this topic. So I dug around my personal blog archives and dredged this up for you all to bear witness: Why I am the soi-disant EXPERT OF EVERYTHING! Because I am … More Mistakes: why you should make more (or less) of them