A Porsche With Brakes

Being intelligently unstoppable Not to be able to stop thinking is an affliction, but we don’t realize this because almost everybody is suffering from it. — Eckhart Tolle (The thing in the image couldn't be a Porsche, sorry 'bout that!) 1st law of motion? Does anyone recall that law? I apologize to you for bringing Physics here. But... Continue Reading →

Physical Pain vs Mental Pain

   Which one is worse? Does it have something to do with the level of control over the trigger (or the perception over that control)? How do these two influence each other?    There are probably many factors that need to be taken into consideration for this topic and I’m sure I’ll miss a few,... Continue Reading →

Video games addiction

   A while back I’ve approached the addictions topic, but not from a pathological point of view. It seems that the decision to include this video game addiction in their diseases classification (ICD), World Health Organization (WHO) provoked lots of discussions.    According to WHO, the behavior of playing video games can be defined as... Continue Reading →

A great technique to relax

   When we’re relaxed, our general state is more positive (have you ever seen a relaxed grumpy person?) and we’re also more open to new ideas and suggestions and that’s when changes can happen. I know there are times when we can get easily relaxed, but there are also times when it seems impossible. This... Continue Reading →

Biological insights about Stress

   Most of us encounter stressful situations daily and we all know how this makes us think and feel, but what are the biological implications? What is stress from a biological point of view?    “Living in stress is like living in survival mode – they’re one and the same thing. A stressful situation is... Continue Reading →

Probably, it has nothing to do with us

   I’ve approached this idea in other posts as well, but I believe it’s so important it deserves a new one. In my opinion, whenever someone behaves in a certain way because of what we said or did, that person actually behaves based on their interpretation on how that is going to affect himself/herself.   ... Continue Reading →

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