The World-Ruler

*Attention! This is going to be a brutal post!* From all the things we have in this world, there is one that rules them all (and no, it’s not the one ring). There is something that has the ability to control anything and anyone, if leveraged correctly. People tend to do anything for this, regardless... Continue Reading →

Money: Goal or Resource – Reblog

Unfortunately, almost daily something happens that reminds me how important money really are in this world. The car broke down? You need money to fix it. You have some guests? You need money to prepare/cook something nice for them. You need to go to a wedding? You need something to wear, you need some money... Continue Reading →

Money – Goal or Resource

   We’re living in a world where money rule everything. If you have enough, you can do almost whatever you want… you can have a better house, a better phone, a better car, a better healthcare, better education and so on. Even though we know that we can have a better life with money, do... Continue Reading →

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