Movie Thoughts – Ex Machina (2014)

   This movie is about a dude that has been hired by another dude to test the human qualities a newly created A.I. dudette has (you can find more about it here). In my opinion, it’s a movie about manipulation at its finest because everybody manipulates everybody. The employer manipulates the employee, the employee tries... Continue Reading →

Movie Thoughts – Anon (2018)

   This is a movie about a world where there is no anonymity due to ultra-modern technology, but some people managed to stay anonymous. These people few people use their anonymity to break the law in different ways (you can find out more about it here).    This movie approaches the privacy issue which got... Continue Reading →

Movie Thoughts – Inside Out (2015)

   This is an interesting animation about how emotions interact inside our heads (you can find more about this movie here). It is based on a 5 Basic Emotions Model and how those emotions interact so we can experience different states. These five basic emotions are joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust. Paul Ekman and... Continue Reading →

Movie Thoughts – Orphan (2009)

   This movie is pretty f*cked up. It’s a horror movie about a family adopting a little girl who turns out to be not as little as they thought (you can find more about it here). It’s the first time I’m writing about a horror movie, but this one is interesting because it involves a... Continue Reading →

Movie Thoughts – Get Out (2017)

   This movie is about a young Afro-American guy who is in an interracial relationship and he visits his new girlfriend’s parents (you can find more about this movie here). This movie is f*cked up on too many levels.    First, it approaches the racial issues and I think it does it pretty well. I... Continue Reading →

Movie Thoughts – Click (2006)

   This movie is about a dude that gets his hands on a remote control which controls his reality (you can find more about it here). He can pause (stop time) whenever he wants, he can fast forward the moments he doesn’t want to be in, he can put people on mute and so on.... Continue Reading →

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