The Isolation “Method”

   Did you ever care about something or someone and then sh*t happened and you got hurt? What was the first thought that came through your mind in that moment? Was it something similar to “I’m not doing this ever again”?    It seems that whenever we get hurt physically or mentally by something or... Continue Reading →

Physical Pain vs Mental Pain

   Which one is worse? Does it have something to do with the level of control over the trigger (or the perception over that control)? How do these two influence each other?    There are probably many factors that need to be taken into consideration for this topic and I’m sure I’ll miss a few,... Continue Reading →

Let Pain Fuel You – Video

   The “relationship” we have with pain is just like the relationship between cat and mice (cat being the pain). It’s something we try to avoid with all costs and no wonder because no one likes pain. Even though we try to run away from it, sometimes it touches us and what we do with... Continue Reading →

From great pain to great motivation

   In my “journeys” on YouTube while listening to what the greatest people have to say about everything, I’ve noticed that so many of them got awesome because they were at a very low point in their lives and they decided to do something about it.    It’s interesting how we feel the need of... Continue Reading →

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