Lessons from Nature

Below is a poem I wrote inspired by the peace, joy and reprieve being in nature provides me. What do you find in nature? Let me know in the comments below. Nature, teach me how to live To embrace change and Flow effortlessly like the steady stream To embody the wisdom of the trees Who … More Lessons from Nature

The Artist

I believe that we all yearn to create. To nourish our unique gifts and bring something new and authentic into the world. This is how we affirm our identity and find meaning in the world. The role of the artist is to show us the way, and point towards the vast possibilities that are available … More The Artist

Why do we live?

We’re all full of thoughts Acting just like robots With no fucks to give So why do we live?   We’re all full of bills And stores full of deals No money to receive Why do we live?   No questions to ask We all wear a mask Others to deceive But why do we … More Why do we live?