Judgement: An Instinctual Thing?

These days a very interesting idea popped in my mind: is our judgmental opinion related to our instincts? Maybe we are somehow programmed to judge other people as a survival instinct. Maybe we cannot help ourselves doing it. Crowd and survival As you know, in our early days, our survival as individuals and as a... Continue Reading →

Fear – our biggest obstacle?

Does it happen to you that whenever you have a great idea about something, immediately your mind is filled with automatic negative thoughts about why it can’t get real? And if this happens, do you find solutions to counter the negative thoughts or you just drop the idea? If you drop the idea, I think... Continue Reading →

The “Friends” Debate – Reblog

   Anyone can name their friends, right? But how do you differentiate between friends and acquaintances? The amount of time you spend talking with them? The things you say to them? What kind of things you say to a friend? If you think a certain person is your friend, does that person think the same?... Continue Reading →

A quick look at Reality

Do we live in the same reality? No, this is not some conspiracy theory, neither some Sci-Fi perspective. Let’s just think about this for a minute or two… what it is real for me, it is real for everyone? How do we define what’s real and what’s not? If I see, say, think and believe that the... Continue Reading →

Mindful Introspection

I often find myself full with strong feelings like anxiety or anger and even the most insignificant things can trigger an inappropriate response full of rage from my behalf. As I pointed in an older post, to get in control of my emotions I have to get in control of my thoughts. The process of... Continue Reading →

Understanding VS Accepting – Reblog

   As part of my daily routine I observe people, including myself. While doing this I try to develop for myself a habit of asking additional questions so I can have a better understanding of what might go on in my observations. Because of this, I’ve noticed something interesting: even though I can logically understand something,... Continue Reading →

Overview about Emotions

As humans, we deal with countless emotions daily and some of them can change our mood and that affects our thoughts and our behavior. To better understand why this is happening and how to control our emotions, we need to understand what triggers them. Are we in complete control over our emotions? Not quite, but... Continue Reading →

The Pleasure and Fear Theory

Many times I’ve wondered what are our true reasons we behave as we do. Is it our purpose in life? What a purpose in life really represents? Is it going for something or is it running from something? Based on what we decide how should we act in every moment? I’m proposing a theory based... Continue Reading →

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