How open are you to new ideas?

Changes are hard, especially the drastic ones. For example, if you’re used with a certain lifestyle, it will be very hard for you to change it. You’ll feel some holdback from your body simply because it gets you out of your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean that you’ll reject all new ideas, but I bet... Continue Reading →

The Positive Default Mode

Sh*t happens, right? What do you do when it happens? How do you react to that so you won’t lose your mind every time when it happens? What is your default mode? This default mode is something I’ve heard from Gary Vaynerchuk and it refers to where your mind goes when things get rough. If... Continue Reading →

Your Emotions are in Your Way

   A severe negative emotion interferes with the way we see our future. It can be so bad that we forget emotions are temporary and in those moments, we strongly believe that we’ll be in that state the rest of our lives. How stupid does that sound? And still, it’s very true.    Having a... Continue Reading →

A few words about Positive Thinking

   “Really? Positive Thinking? I have real life problems here! Shut the f*ck up!” you might think. I’m hearing about this term all around me, but no one seems to refer to the things I’m thinking when I hear it. People around me think that positive thinking means to see butterflies with some pink glasses... Continue Reading →

We cannot stop thinking

   Apparently we cannot stop thinking. Something goes through our mind all the time. A stupid joke, a song we heard on the bus, the color of your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/bus driver/ underwear. We’re always thinking about something even if we like it or not. What about the moments the negative creepy thoughts crawl their way in?... Continue Reading →

How the shift in perspective helped me  

   Starting from the comment posted by ajourneyintome (Have you made any revelations from the perspective shift?) I began to think about how the change of perspective helped me.    The first thing this helps me with is anger management. I usually get mad very quick and I calm down very hard because I interpret... Continue Reading →

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