Question of the Day: No. 542

I've been staring at a blank screen for the past hour or so. Ok, that's not true. I've actually been staring at several non-blank screens in an effort to keep me from staring at the one blank screen I should. So, I decided to post another question of the day. Here it is: What tactics... Continue Reading →

Help from Life

Hello there! How are you today? Welcome to another PO Sunday postJ Today’s topic is how things fall into place at times in life. That happened to me a lot recently. I was struggling with a few points regarding my behavioral patterns. I had noticed a few things I wanted to improve about them but... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having a good beginning of 2021. Today’s topic is challenges. Rather, how we behave when we face challenges. Life comes with some bumps on the road. It is not ideal to expect to have a life in which everything goes as we plan. The first step in dealing with... Continue Reading →

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