Question of the Day – No. 156

What makes you feel fulfilled?

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  1. Finishing a poem that I’ve put my heart and soul into…even if no one else gets it. And music – some songs just resonate. Disturbed’s Sound of Silence gets me every time.

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      1. Partly…I write them as therapy, to understand myself better, but also because I believe being yourself and putting your true self out there is the only way to attract like-minded people.

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  2. I would say, knowing that I did my best. Completing what I set out to do. The smiles on my children’s faces and their hugs and kisses at the end of the day… These all remind me that I am blessed and I feel fulfilled at the end of the day no matter what happened during that day.

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      1. The kind that brings understanding, that feeling of when something unconscious becomes conscious to you. When you look back & connect the dots (past wise) and when you are satisfied due to perception shift so the path ahead is clearer (future wise) both are results of clarity. I just noticed such moments are deeply in tune with my wellbeing.

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  3. Finishing a craft to gift to someone deserving, or seeing my kids reading a book, or being paid for some writing work because I finally believe my writing is worth paying for!

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